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Good afternoon,


Our Detachments have been receiving complaints today regarding telephone fraudsters trying to obtain SIN #'s and banking information... 


Using computer generated calling, they are able to make their phone number appear local / legitimate on call-display. The callers say there are warrants out for your arrest, a family member is in jail etc..   


Please share this in our communities to prevent others from falling victim to these calls and please report any to your local Detachment. 





M.A. (Matt) LAVALLEE S/Sgt.
Prairie Mountain Area Commander

COVID-19 Urban and Off Reserve Funding

We received a cheque from West Region Tribal Council for $5,000 this afternoon. They indicated they received $40,000 from the Southern Chiefs Organization towards the Urban and Off Reserve membership and were providing $5,000 to each of WRTC First Nations towards providing support and services to off-reserve membership. We have put up a poll for input on how to distribute the funds.

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